If you want to make your chocolate looks cool, the edible white ink is a very good choice. Our edible white ink which is meet FDA standard, which is very safe to humanbody. So the ink can be used for printing on black chocolate.  Also we have colorful edible ink for printing on white chocolate. If you want the pattern on the chocolate to remain blurry, you need to cooperate with the purchase of chocoprint coating agent.



1. Do not fade when printing.
2.Our edible ink meet FDA standrd requirements, so it is safe to human.
3.Our edible ink is odorless, so it won't affect ice cream's taste.
4. Food printing will build brand recognition to impress customers. It will help customers to remember your brand when they eat. It is also a new advertising way.
5.It is simple that you make a beautiful art chocolate, by using an inkjet printer , chocoprint coating agent and edible ink.
                                                                                              edible printing ink22-恢复的1         edible printing ink22-恢复的                                                                                                                          edible printing ink22-恢         edible printing ink22-        

                                                                                              chocolate printing.         edible printing chocolate                                                                                                                          edible printing chocolate         edible printing ink22-恢复chocolate
Filmcare® chocolate transfer sheet is the new upgrade edible materials for decorate chocolate and candy. lt has great HDprinting effect, even if the images are gradient and complex. lt is widely used in creative chocolate, cake topper, meringue, chocolate lollipop, etc, It helps bakery stores and factories to realize customized and personalized serviceswith low cost and high profit, and make the food decoration healthy and colorful.


1.Excellent image quality: good tenacity and smooth surface make transfer easier;
2.Personalization: factory direct sales, to provide you with customized printing services;
3.Easy to transfer printing; High stability, long-lasting color, good flexibility, and easy peeling;
4. Food grade: all raw materials are edible, safe and healthy;
5.Comply with food safety standards and regulations; Provide Third-party testing report;
6.Without affecting the taste of chocolate.
                                                                                              画板 1         画板 2                                                                                                                          画板 3         4                                                                                                                          6         5                 


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