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Capsule Printing:

Full automatic Tablet and soft capsule printing machine is used for printing on any size and any shape for characters, images on empty hard capsule, soft capsules . It is compact in structure and easy to operate. With good printing effects, high-speed printing, clear and equal image printing, quickly dry writing. It is used for single-side and single-color printing, and widely used by medicine and food industry.


What can our capsule printing machine do for the capsule manufacturer and pharmaceutical enterprise? 
1. It can adorn the appearance of the capsule, and helps to promote the company brand, improve the brand effect.
2. This capsule printer can realize several type of printing ways, such as axial printing, annular printing, directional printing and double color printing. It could meet the customers’ design requirement well. 
3. Can printing the capsules from size 00# to size 5#, and also size A and size B capsules. 
4. It has excellent performance that stable working for 24 hours and high printing speed.
5. Provide free technical support, and with R&D for further upgrade.
6. We offer professional overseas service engineer, technical guidance and spare parts to sell , make sure the customer without any worrys for long time using.
Pills and Tablets Printing:
With clear printing effect, easy operating and customized color , our edible ink can suit for different size of hard capsule ,soft capsule and tablet ,candy, chocolate bean , cake ,paper tableware, ice cream sticks, toys  surface printing.
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