Capsule Powder Taking and Tablet Stripping Board System Application

Main Application:

  In order to reduce the cost of recycling waste aluminum and medicine powder , our company developed capsule and tablet picking machine to solve the waste aluminum-plastic plate recovery problem, reduce the large labor force to improve work efficiency, so that the entire recovery process more standardized, simple, greatly improve the production efficiency. The machine is suit for small and medium pharmaceutical enterprises.
开囊取粉细节图 (2)
1. The Powder extraction rate can over 99%.
​2. Be the same with recycling medicament for 00 # -4# capsules.
3. Timely detection, timely treatment, which avoids the problem that all capsules are mixed together.
4. Increased work efficiency, reduced labor cost ,and increased produce benefit greatly , take the whole processes more auto specification and more simplification.
5. Special design for sift out device of medicine powder and capsules , which can complete clean out within several minutes and no capsule shell leftover.
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