Capsules and Tablets Inspecting System Application

Main Application

For Empty Capsule
Main Application

Use the automatic vision capsule inspection machine for inspeting and classifying detected capsules, which usually happen in the manufacturing process
. This machinery could help the capsule manufacturer control the quality well and help to improve the production.
  1. Wide range of application and high performance.
  2. Use an adjustable mirror enables inspects the opposite sides of the products. No hidden corners and blind area in inspection stage
  3. Can be completely dismantled without any tools within a few minutes.
  4. Easy to clean and maintenance.
Detail Image
ACI-2000S 细节图片
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Compare to the tranditional capsule inspection process

Different between HY-ACI-2000S and manual detection
Main contrast points manual detection
Automatical capsule inspection machine
Producing capacity Low efficiency and inspection effect is varying from different person. With high inspection efficiency , the inspection speed can reach
100,000pcs/hour (high )
Inspection stability Long time working it’s easy to make the workers visual fatigue, and make the miss inspcetion rate and error inspection rate high.Company will bear some risk. Can insepct all the capsules according to the standard you have seted for the inspection, its working stable, with low missing detection rate and low error detection rate.
Accuracy Visually insepction has deviation , inner defects cann’t be recognized and different workers may have different understanding about the quality standard, so some defects may be missed and inspection result may different. Be equipment with infrared light system, it can penetrate the inside of capsule, inner defects can be inspected easily .
Defects statistics Because there are a lot of defects , workers could be not timely statistics This machine has the function of classify and count different defects real time, what a great help for improve products quality
management The flow of employees cause adverse effects for quality control Achieve good quality management, can be implemented with product line at the same time.
Costing With the increasing labor cost by each year ,will influence the total costing of production process. The costing of mahine maintly from electricity consumption. But human consumption is very low .one worker can manage about 8-10 machines at the same time.
For Filled Capsule

Main Application

It just needs a few easy steps to complete the inspection of capsules and tablets, and with outlook for wide range of application and high performance. It’s one kind of ideal equipment for inspecting the appearances of capsules and tablets(pills) for the pharmaceutical enterprise.
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