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Why is the FP-B0+ Flatbed Food Printer Popular among the Baking Enterprises?

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Traditional flatbed food printers are usually limited to the platform and printing speed, and it is difficult to really achieve high-speed batch printing. If you still stay in the current platform and technology, then it is difficult to meet the higher-end printing market.

wide format flatbed food printer fp-b0+

In order to meet the needs of baking enterprises for high-speed printing, Wuhan Food Printing Technology Company has launched the new Wide-format Flatbed Food printer FP-B0+. The machine has the characteristics of large printing platform, simple operation, high image resolution and fast printing speed, which can meet the needs of enterprises in mass production of customized food. It is suitable for food production and processing enterprises, chain supermarkets, and bakeries of tray baking production type, providing enterprises with personalized products. It is a transformation model of high-speed food printers.


◆ The printing platform is larger, and the tray can be customized, which can effectively improve the production efficiency

◆ High-precision printing, beautiful colors, and high-definition patterns

◆ Ultra-fast printing to meet mass production needs

◆ Humanized design and easy operation

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