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When Beer and Fruit Meets NBA All-Star Game...

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Hello everybody, the annual NBA All-Star arrived, do you watch the games? Do you like which basketball team? Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors or others?


Many people like to watch basketball games while drinking beer and eating fruit. Because they maybe feel thirst when they are watching the game nervously. Nothing could be more satisfying than printed beer and fruit for you. It's funny and attractive.


      print beer_副本      Basketball-orange_副本

If you are fruit merchant, bar operators or cafe bar operators, you could make the NBA all-star themed beer, coffee latte or fruit. ① You can print the fans' favorite stars on beer, fruit surface or coffee foam with our edible ink which is safe and meets FDA, SGS standard. ② You also can draw on fruit surface with our Markecare™ edible markers which is made from our edible ink and other food grade materials. Making your fruit into “basketball” is so easy.

The fans will like drink the beer or coffee printed their favorite star and watch the splendid performance in the NBA All-Stars Game. 

          beer_副本           basketball jelly_副本


You can choose our coffee printer to print coffee, beer, and milk team with photo, logo or blessing words. You can upload any picture or chose the pictures which have been in machine, then you just push the button and await. It is just a dozen seconds that you will get a creative beer or coffee. If you want print coffee faster. We have the Coffee Printer HY3423. It supports printing 4 cups of coffee or beer together with different patterns. That is cool right?


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