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What Kinds of Food or Drink Can Do DIY Decoration with Latte Coffee Printer?

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bubble tea printing with Sinojoinsun edible ink

     Bubble tea is very popular now! You can see there are long lines in front of many CoCo or other beverage shops which sell bubble tea. Bubble tea originated in China. But it is popular over the world now. Many shops launched variety of flavours, and wanted to do some special bubble tea. So the kind of bubble tea printed pattern or words are hot now.

 You maybe think how to print this kind of drink? And it can be directly drunk? Sinojoinsun™ edible ink and printers can give you the answer.

coffee printer applications_副本

Our hot sale automatic latte coffee printers not only can print coffee and bubble tea, but also print beer foam. When you tensely watch world cup game or NBA All-Stars game, is it cool that you drink a cup of beer printed "victory" or your favorate star's name?

When you want to give your lover a romantic date or propose to your beloved girl, you can print your girl's smile on latte coffee foam and roses. 

print rose

If you think the coffee printer just can prink drinks, the following applications will make you feel amazing. It can print cake, pizza, cookie, macaroon, and ice cream. If you want to see how it works, you can watch this video:

sinojoinsun coffee printer print ice cream, cookie, cake

We have three main kinds of coffee printer, one-cup coffee printer, four-cups printer, and WIFI-coffee printer. The different types meet your different requirements. More info:

one-cup coffee printer          four-cup coffee printer                      WIFI-coffee printer (2)




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