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What Kinds of Food Suitable for Edible Ink Printing?

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Many food can be printed with edible ink, but not every food suitable for printing. So I want to show you what kinds of food is best suitable for edible ink printing.

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Because of the spherical food, the printing area is not a plane, the distance between the jet hole and the printing surface is different, and the distance between the spherical periphery and the jet hole is the largest, which is prone to ink droop and distortion of the peripheral picture. Therefore, the pattern used in the printing of spherical objects is the outline pattern with thick lines.

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Flat food with smooth surface and the ability to absorb ink can get the most ideal printing effect (if the ability to absorb ink is not strong, a certain time should be given for drying after printing), such as: biscuits, marshmallows, sugar tablet, etc.

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Compared with the flat, printing on the convex surface is also available. The main body of the printed picture needs to be on the highest surface. This type of shape is mainly bread, cake, macaron products.

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When the ice cream products are printed, there will be no frost on the surface after the ice cream moulds. Pack and refrigerate immediately after printing.Since the state Food Administration of ice cream production has strict control over the raw materials of these products, preservatives should not be used. Our existing online print ink label is not available to the customer.Ice cream factory online printing ink is another product.

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Similar to this kind of honeycomb hole slice bread to print pictures need a large area of the main graffiti can get a better printing effect.

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Food not suitable for printing:

1. Rough and irregular textured surfaces; 

2. Darker prints, black or darker tortoise, unable to produce noticeable coloring;

3. The printed item has no ink adsorption and has grease on the surface.



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