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The Gospel of Bakery and Cafe, You Know?

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The Gospel of Bakery and Cafe, You Know (Sinojoinsun edible ink and food printer)

    As a supplier of DIY food printing solutions, we not only support food printing equipment produced by food assembly line, but also provide food printer equipment for small retail enterprises.Widely used in: bakery, milk tea shop, exhibition area, pastry shop, tourist attractions, annual meeting, parent-child center, auto show, press conference, brand promotion and other scenes.

    Combined with inkjet technology, the food printer allows users to upload pictures from the computer or WeChat to select the print pattern they want, or directly convert photos taken by mobile phones into a cup of lifelike latte coffee and a cup of unique milk cover tea. The printing process only takes 10-20 seconds.Compared with the traditional method, the image is clearer, the color is more vivid and the style is more creative.

A4 Desktop Food Printer (Sinojoinsun® edible ink)

A4 Desktop Food Printer

    Market advantages of food printer: machine printing, no need of skilled flower drawer, less investment, save time and effort;Color/coffee printing, to meet the needs of personal customization;Novel style, strong sense of customer participation;Small equipment does not occupy land;Using edible ink printing, safe and edible, can be checked;The equipment is widely used in: cakes, bread, milk cover, biscuits, beer, milk tea, yogurt, coffee and other food.So no matter how small or large your food, we can provide you with appropriate printing equipment.

Flimcare edible paper (Sinojoinsun)edible ink, edible paper   print egg tart (Sinojoinsun)edible ink, Desktop food printer 2

Markcare edible marker draw halloween cookies (Sinojoinsun)edible ink   print ice cream decoration(sinojoinsun)

print cookie and marshmallow (sinojoinsun edible ink)   The Gospel of Bakery and Cafe, You Know (Sinojoinsun edible ink and food printer)



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