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The Difference Between Filmcare™ Edible Paper and Icing Paper

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sinojoinsun edible paper to make lollipop and cookie   

    Cake decoration is an interesting topic. If you like baking, you must like to make your cake looks pretty and tastes good, even you are not a professional baking master yet. It's a pleasure.

    But not everyone have good talents and skills for baking, or sometimes backeries also need some special creativities for decoration. So edible printing is helpful and popular.

    There is mainly 2 kinds of edible sheet in market. It's icing paper and wafer sheet (rice paper). General speaking, the icing sheet is thinner than wafer paper. And printed picture on icing paper is clearer than wafer paper. So for food edible printing, the icing paper is better. But icing paper is color retaining time is not long.

    Filmcare™ Edible Paper can overcome all the disadvantages of icing paper and wafer paper on the market. 


1. Strong than ordinary sticky rice paper, not easy to break.

2. The surface is bright and smooth, compared with wafer paper and icing paper, the printing pattern on Filmcare™ edible paper is clearer.

3. The lasting color retention is long. 

4. The size of edible paper can be customized

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