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The Applications of Sinojoinsun Edible Ink

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Jetcare™ edible Ink (from Sinojoinsun™)is a food additive that we independently develop and can be used for color printing of food. We purchase non-toxic raw materials from domestic and abroad market, and carefully produce. We have FDA and food production licenses. Besides the existing colors and styles, we also provide customized services according to customers' requirements.

Edible ink can be used for coffee latte, milk tea, macaron, Egg, tea milk, biscuit, pizza, macaron, ice cream surface art printing. Edible ink can be refilled ink cartridges, and then printed by the printhead of HP, EPSON, CANON and other brand. So you can make edible prints on cake, art latte coffee, funny ice cream, and DIY print on other food.

sinojoinsun edible ink application

Product Description:

1. Main Features: Washable/Non Toxic/Fast Dry
2. Different types for choose: No antiseptic, No Alcohol, No odor.
3. Color: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Brown or OEM colors.
4. Printing pattern: Bright color, clear writing lines, high performance pattern
5. Raw materials is safety and environmental protection, which meets FDA and SGS standard.

Main Technical Specifications:

Sensory requirement Viscous liquid, color uniformity, no agglomerate, mildew, no visible foreign material, no peculiar smell
Arsenic(AS,mg/kg) ≤2.0
Plumbum(Pb,mg/kg) ≤2.0
Microbial limit Bacteria amounts(cfu/g)    ≤1000
Mould and yeasts (cfu/g)    ≤100
Escherichia coli            Not be detected
Salmonella                Not be detected
Aberration(△E) ≤2.0
PH 5.0~10.0
Fineness(μm) ≤1.0
Viscosity(mPa.s) 2.0~20.0
Surface Tension(Mn/m) 30~45
Conductivity(μS/cm) <10000



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