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Prof. Pan of the University of New South Wales in Australia is Brought an International Perspective to Food Print

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    On November 13, 2019, the university of new south wales, Australia Pan Shanlin professor led peng jade nanyang technological university in Singapore, an assistant professor at huazhong university of science and technology, director of the EMBA education center Wang Fanfei visited wuhan branch China, chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr. Huang, the pioneer of Zhou Xianghan and international business department manager, general manager xia to attend the reception, and discusses how to go to the international food print project.

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(Welcome professor pan shanlin and her team)

    First, The Present introduced the DIY food print brand origin and development course of the project, DIY food print as an emerging domestic project, depend on enterprise's own r&d department million China strength and technical support, from hardware to software, form a complete set of edible ink, decorative membrane covering the areas of the whole production line, set up a rich product line.Professor pan shanlin, based on his own experience of studying business and social innovation in many countries, highly affirmed the project.

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(General manager introduced DIY food printing system)

    The starting point of DIY food printing project is humanity. DIY food printing can combine food innovation and humanity through such a technology or tool, which is a project with development prospects.From the foreign market situation, professor pan shanlin said that the foreign market will be more acceptable than the domestic market, breakthrough is more simple, which to our international business department to expand the foreign market to give full confidence.

    Of course, our production and quality are in line with international standards. Our edible ink was certified by FDA in the early years. However, with more and more abundant products, we will continue to make efforts in international certification to ensure the quality of products, so as to guarantee the continuous export orders.

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(Visit the food printing equipment together)

    Professor Pan Shanlin also bring a lot of foreign food and share in the business environment, the demand for food is better than the domestic, but accepted for innovation projects, business environment is relatively simple, and the current international cooperation, we will be replicated in DIY food concept abroad first, then the introduction of domestic, will be very convenient. This concept is also accepted by more and more domestic enterprises, Sinojoinsun is also such as a clapdoor.



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