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New lollipops is listing!

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3d hand-crafted lollipops, 4d hand-crafted lollipops


Eating sugar can make people feel happy, but there are also many people who worry that eating too much sugar will increase weight and tooth decay. But now you don't need to much worry about this problem, because the new listing Sinojoinsun™ 3D/4D handcrafted lollipops are 0 sugar and 0 fat. Enjoy your sweets.




1. 0 sugar and 0 fat, added vitamin C to protect dental health;

2. Edible for diabetics and children;

3. There are many production lines, which can meet the needs of enterprises in greatly mass customization, which is unique in China.


Order them in bulk, it will bring you convenience and unexpected friendship in many situations.

1. Put them on display on your table or keep them handy near your door so you can give all those messengers/couriers a sweet thank you when they come delivering their goods;

2. Treat your visiting guests at your party or other events;

3. Coffee stirring lollipop;

4. Don’t worry about tooth decay and weight gain when your child cries and wants to eat candy;

5. Decorate cake;

6. Hand-crafted candy gift.



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