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Mini WIFI Coffee Printer——Making Latte Art Easier

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Mini WIFI Coffee Printer——Making Latte Art Easier

The history of latte art dates back centuries. The most classic Latte art design is love and leafy maple leaves. More experienced baristas are also able to produce swan and tulip, both of which are variants of two basic designs.

The logo of professional latte art is the clarity and symmetry of the pattern, good contrast and gloss, no visible bubbles. To create a design, you need to master the basic barista skills – espresso must be good, and the milk is made into a silky-smooth micro-foam. But now, the power of technology allows us to easily complete latte art no need to learn complicated technique.

Our hot sale automatic latte coffee printing machine can make your coffee and food look more interested, and attract customer's attention. Our edible ink meets FDA standard, which is safe to human body.

Mini WIFI Coffee Printer HY3523


Hy3522 is a new latte coffee printing machine made for chain and upscale coffee shops, the printing ink cartridge is a single color food printer for coffee. HY3522 design is unique, rock-solid structure, and atmosphere lamp design. the shape design is more attractive and operation is easier at the beginning.

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