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"Mcdonald's","San Quan" and Other Famous Brands Customize Edible Tiger Image Decoration for 2022 Chinese New Year

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When new year is coming, many food famous company will release the new year' custom food to attract people and celebrate festival. Look, here is the new fashion way to make festival's custom food--edible digital printing.


Mcdonald's (China) released the custom macaron with theme of Tiger Year in the Lunar Chinese New Year 2022. They choosed Foodart® food printer to print tiger stripe on macarons by natrual edible ink.


Maixiangcun brand is famous Chinese traditional pastry brand, they released the custom pastry with theme of Tiger Year 2022 to attract people to buy the "tiger cake" to celebrate new year. People wish the "tiger pastry" can bring sweetness and lucky in 2022 to themselve.


Sanquan Food brand is famous Chinese brand for quick-frozen food area, they released the custom sweet dumplings with edible text "Fu" in Chinese new year. "Fu" in chinese means bessing and good fortune. People like to eat the "Fu" sweet dumplings and wish they will get a lot of good fortune and blessings in year of 2022. The "Fu" sweet dumplings are quite hot-selling in this new year. As soon as it were released in market, they were quickly sold out in many supermarkets.


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