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Markcare™ Edible Marker is A Food Pen You Can't Miss

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    Edible Markers are made up of pen case with FCMs (Food Contact Materials), pen head, sponge body, nylon pen tongue, edible ink and so on. The cavernous body was infused with edible ink. It is mainly used for food DIY graffiti, children's safety graffiti and bayker's drawing on suger biscuits, which can form the effect of a variety of color collocation and add unlimited pleasure to food and children's toys. 

The Edible Marker can darwing on the suger frosting biscuits, sugar cakes, macarons and other baked products.

The Edible Marker is suitable for food DIY graffiti, children safety graffiti. the edible ink is safety for eating.

It is perfect for Company Christmas gifts, Bayker house celebration gifts, kindergarten's gifts and so on.

1. Do not fade when writing,Easy washing with water,Fades when rubbed by hand.
2. Environmental friendly: all components are made from pharmaceutical auxiliary materials, meeting food production requirements and FDA safety requirements.
3. Safety: use water and glycerol as solvent, health and environmental protection.
4. Stability: smooth writing, not easy to dry, long preservation time.
5. Rich color: black, yellow, magenta, cyan, green, purple and OEM Color.

We have edible markers with many kinds of sizes, and colors. And we can customize other colors according to your requirements. If you want to customize logo, colors, packages, shape design and so on, please contact us.






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