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Isomalt Lollipop Vs Sugar Lollipop | Yummy 3D, 4D Lollipops

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Isomalt lollipops are very different from sugar lollipops. 

1. Character: Isomalt is sugar-free and therefore can be eaten by diabetics and won't cause tooth decay. Isomalt also has about half of the sweetness that sugar does and is lower in calories, which can help women to keep a good shape.

2. Appearance: If no coloring is added, isomalt is usually transparent after heating, while granulated sugar is yellowish and will turn into caramel color when the heating temporature is too high. Therefore, the isomalt lollipops are usually transparent and decorated edible images or petals into lollipops, while sugar lollipops are usually not transparent and added food coloring to be colorful and attactive. The edible photo isomalt lollipops and planet isomalt lollipops are very popular now. The edible images isomalt lollipops are clear and delicated, which can't be compared with ordinary lollipops.

Sinojoinsun™ yummy 3D, 4D isomalt lollipops

Sinojoinsun™ isomalt lollipops have kinds of colors and shapes of 3D and 4D lollipops. By the way, the label, color, shape, and flavour are available to be customized. The isomalt lollipops are added VC, which is healthier for people.

Lollipops in many scenarios:

1. Put them on display on your table or keep them handy near your door so you can give all those messengers/couriers a sweet thank you when they come delivering their goods.

2. Treat your visiting guests at your party or other events

3. Coffee stirring lollipop

4. Don’t worry about tooth decay and weight gain when your child cries and wants to eat candy

5. Decorate cake

6. Customized hand-crafted candy gift

3D lollipop - Sinojoinsun brand

4D lollipop - Sinojoinsun brand

edible image lollipop - Sinojoinsun brand



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