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Is Edible Ink Really Edible?

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Is edible ink really edible?

    With the growing awareness of health and safety, people have higher requirements for food and drug safety. In view of the fact that food packaging printing inks (mainly environmentally friendly inks containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC)) generally used in the market cannot be eaten by themselves and cannot be directly printed on the surface of foods or medicines, thereby limiting the use of food packaging printing inks. Sinojoinsun™ Edible inks have emerged in this situation. They are the objective requirements of food and medicine in the new situation. The surface of food printed by Sinojoinsun™ can be eaten directly. It meets FDA and SGS standard. It is safe. They are the need of consumers to pursue personalized products. In addition to the efficient decoration of beautification products, they can also replace the current application of food. Packaging products such as medicines are printed to ensure the safety and hygiene of the above products. 


    In the food sector, edible inks can be used to decorate food surfaces. Currently, edible inks have been applied to apples, mangoes, eggs, chocolate beans, candies, cakes, drinks, salty snacks, biscuits, flakes, potato chips and the like. As consumers pay more and more attention to the appearance and creativity of food, such as gift apples with greetings, candy cookies with hand-painted graffiti, drinks with customized patterns, cakes, etc., these ideas need to ensure food safety. 

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