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Intelligent Upgrade Food Printer - Desktop Food Printer A3 Plus

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Food printer A3+ (SinoJoinsun)

If you want to make food into online celebrity food that people queue up to buy, but don't want to invest too much manpower and cost, this A3+ desktop food printer has a small investment, foolish operation, and saves time and worry.

This machine is the best choice for food store owners, chain stores, brand offline experience stores, etc. for event promotion, customer customization, product display, creative food, and brings you a new experience of food printing.

Why is it called A3+?

The desktop food printer series we sell are distinguished according to the international standard paper size. The printing area is 297*420mm called A3 food printer. This new upgraded model: SY-P-A3+ desktop food printer is not a print format ratio A3 is larger in size, and more is reflected in stronger functions.

Three reasons to choose A3+ desktop food printer:

01 New control panel: smarter

It integrates the functions of printer head switch, nozzle cleaning, ink reset, ink light, printing progress display, platform operation and other functions. No training is required, just a look. Printing automatically detects and adjusts the height of the food material platform, which is more intelligent than manual adjustment, convenient and fast, and more worry-free.

02. 8-color printing, faster

A nozzle with 8 ink tubes, dual 4-color Y/M/C/K—K/C/M/Y printing mode, A3+ desktop food printer can achieve the normal 4-color mode two-pass printing effect in one pass, which directly improves the printing speed , Really realize ultra-fast printing.

desktop food printer A3+ (sinojoinsun)

03. Large format, high depth, unlimited food

A3 format printable area, printing more at a time. 108 food materials with a diameter of 30mm can be printed, which is twice that of A4 equipment. The printing platform is 12cm away from the nozzle, and it can print food materials with a thickness of 0-12cm, such as bread, pastries, fondant cakes, etc., which can be used for creativity and innovation.

desktop food printer A3+ (sinojoinsun) 1

sinojoinsun food printer A3+ print bread

sinojoinsun food printer A3+ print candies

sinojoinsun food printer A3+ print candy



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