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How to Use Edible Markers to Make Beautiful Snoopy Cookies?

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    In festival or someone’s special days, the DIY cookie or customized biscuit are usually warmly welcomed. How to make beautiful cookie with snoopy icon or other funny patterns?

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    Firstly, please ice your cookie with royal icing, and allow the icing to harden completely. Then using edible marker gently draw your designs on the hardened icing. Our Markcare™ edible food markers are non-toxic and safe to people, which meet FDA, SGS standard. The ink dries very quickly. They are great for you to making cartoon cookies. The edible markers can be used on hardened gumpaste and fondant. Please remember to write with lightly pressure and keep the tip clean by occassionaly wiping it on a damp washcloth to prevent it from scratching the icing. It is so easy. You can teach your kid to do it. It can practise the child's hands-on ability and creative ability. And it is funny. I think your kid will like it.

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Product Application:

    The Edible Marker can darwing on the suger frosting biscuits, sugar cakes, macarons and other baked products.

The Edible Marker is suitable for food DIY graffiti, children safety graffiti. the edible ink is safety for eating.

It is perfect for Company Christmas gifts, Bayker house celebration gifts, kindergarten's gifts and so on.

    We have 6 general colors (Yellow , magenta ,black ,green ,purple ,blue), and 4 types of pens (wide head, narrow head, bulletheaded and double-edged pen). It also can be made into the quick-drying according to your products.

If you want customize more colors or shapes, or even the OEM service about logo, label, package, please contact us. 



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