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How to Successfully Add an Edible Image on Your Cake

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    Plain, classic cakes are surely mouth-watering but adding colorful and edible cake images to your cake makes it more exciting. However, this is no easy process and may take a hit-and-miss to successfully add the image to your cake. Here are some tips to successfully add an edible cake image on your cake

    Start with the plain, just frosted cake. Do not apply other cake decorations before applying the icing image. Buttercream and ready-to-spread frosting can be used, and it is recommended to use white frosting where the images are to be placed for best results. Make sure frosting is not dry or having skins on it as well.

Prepare the icing image. Let it set in room temperature for about 15 minutes after removing it from the bag. At most times, icing image is easily peeled from the backing paper. Otherwise, you can pull the backing sheet from the edge of the table or blow dry the sheet to easily peel it away from the backing paper.

Lay down the icing image on the prepared side of the cake. For a circle or shaped image, use scissors to cut the image before peel-off. Lay the printed frosting sheet on the cake. Start laying it from the middle going outwards. Pat it to smoothen the image from its wrinkles.

    Add the border or edging of your cake. You can write texts on the image with frosting or jellies.

    Never leave the image in direct light or sunlight. When storing, turn the image face down and store in a safe place where it could not get damaged. Frozen cakes should be thawed first before applying the frosting and the icing image. Icing images should make your cake more exciting to cut and enjoyable to eat, but note that the taste of the icing image is non-existent when eaten with the slice.

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