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How to Produce Creative Edible Image Candies for Halloween?

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Halloween is a popular festival in many countries. Children will play trick-or-treating. Candies are essential in festivals. The creative personalized candies are popular in holidays. They can decorate festival themed food and drink.


   (The edible image of the lollipops printed by Filmcare® Edible film paper and Inkcare® Edible ink )

Nowadays, the isomalt lollipop is popular, because that is sugar-free and good for our weight and health. The isomalt will become transparent when heated, so it can be made to many beautiful crystal photo lollipops. The personalized edible image lollipops are very hot-sale. The edible picture is usually printed with edible ink on the edible paper. The Filmcare® Edible film paper and Inkjet® Edible ink are highly recommended.

Besides lollipops, chocolate lentils, gumballs, hard candies are also necessary. The small candies can be printed edible image to decorate Halloween -themed cake or cookie. I believe it will attract people's attention, and people will love this lovely idea.

edible image chewing gum ball

              (The edible image of the candies printed by Foodart® candy printer and Jetcare® Edible ink )

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