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How to Print Edible Pictures on Chocolate? | ChocoPrint Coating Agent

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Chocolate confections are becoming more exquisite now. Why? The beautiful and creative chocolate like a art masterpieces that transcends the value of the chocolate itself. People only feel expensive when the value of a food product does not match its price, however most people can accept the premium for food that makes them feel interesting and happy. After all, as the famous saying goes: you get what you pay for. The chocolate market is very competitive. Nowadays, the raw materials and taste of chocolate alone are not enough to stand out in the market. Brand marketing and creative product apprearance is the vital point to be strong in the marketplace.

How to make creative edible image chocolates?

There are two different way to make edible image chocolates. First, the most ordinary method is using chocolate transfer sheet. But most edible transfer sheet in market can't be customized complicated edible image, and it need a minimum order quantity. Customers can not be arbitrarily want to print their own patterns and quantities. But Filmcare® chocolate transfer sheet can do that. Filmcare® chocolate transfer sheet can be printed via food printer and edible ink.  This is the steps for making edible picture chocolates:


Step1: Gentally take blank chocolate transfer sheets out without folding

Step2: Print images via food printer and edible ink

Step3: Place chocolate transfer sheets on desk and cover the mould tidily on paper

Step4: Pour carefully the hot chocolate liquid onto the printed edible paper

Step5: Do not move until the chocolate is completely cooled

Step6: Take off the chocolates from the mould carefully and cut the extra parts to keep the perfect shape.

The second way of making edible picture chocolates is printing edible images onto chocolates, which can realize mass production of creative customized edible image chocolates. As we all know, chocolate is a food containing a lot of fat. So the edible ink can not permeated into chocolates, which the edible image can be easily erased. So the essential product is Inkcare® Chocoprint Coating Agent




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