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How to Print Edible Logo on Sausage Casing?

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As seen in some food bloggers uploaded some sausage pictures with cute patterns or emoji printed on the sausage. They also ate the sausage with patterns in full view of the public. You may think they ate plastic, but today we will reveal the secret of printing patterns on the sausage.


edible logo sausage, edible image

Firstly, when we eat sausage, why sometimes we need to peel, sometimes we can eat directly? This is because the casing packaging sausage is different. Look at the type of sausage casing:

(1) Natural sausage casing: It is made of the small intestine, large intestine, cecum, and bladder of pigs, cattle and sheep, and cattle esophagus and pig stomach.

(2) Artificial sausage casing: it includes collagen casing, fiber casing, plastic casing. Collagen casing is divided into edible and inedible casings. Edible casings are suitable for making smoked sausage, such as Qinqin sausage, corn sausage, roast sausage, hot dogs and so on.

Therefore, the text and patterns that can be eaten must be printed on the edible collagen casing.

sausage casing types

(picture 1)

Secondly, is the text and pattern on your casing are safe to eat? What are the ingredients of the pattern and text? If it is ordinary ink, then it is inedible for sure. so the research and development of edible ink has become a breakthrough in the industry. In particular, the sausage customers have very complex requirements, such as the casings need to be soaked in sausage production, and the ink needs to be water resistance; the casing faces cooking and frying due to different taste of customers, so, how to ensure the integrity of the pattern after the cooking of customers is very most important; Of course, the most important thing is the casing must be edible, safe and healthy, and all food ingredients are edible; The sausages with patterns must meet the industry standards of sausage when entering the market. Certainly, now that this technology has been conquered, a casing printing special ink has been available on the market.

Differences Between Printing on Plastic Casing and Edible Collagen Casing

(picture 2)

Thirdly, how is the printing process? Can it realize automated production? These two questions are the most asked by sausage casing companies and even meat brands. After solving these two questions, sausages with personalized and interesting patterns will spread all over the streets. At present, the supporting edible collagen casing printer is available on the market, which has fast production speed, the highest printing speed up to 60 m/ min, achieving multi-color two-sided printing, namely, two colors on one side, one color on the other side, synthetic three-color printing, and two-color printing supporting accurate overprinting, with good pattern effect.

Edible Collagen Casing

(picture 3)

At present, there are many cases of creative food surface ideas, and good products may be forwarded to their circle of friends by consumers themselves. Printing on the food surface is accepted by more and more food manufacturers for amusing consumers or brand marketing. It is full of interesting and personalized characters. Casing manufacturers can also customize exclusive creative sausage casings for meat products enterprises through sausage printer, to help meat products enterprises create hot topics. That's today's introduction, let us look forward to meeting an interesting sausage on some relaxing trip.

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