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How to Make Edible Photo Chocolate Lollipops | Edible Image?

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    Many confectionery manufacturers and confectionery OEM/ODM business customers come to inquire about the printing method of chocolate food. We generally recommend two ways of surface direct printing and transfer printing. The most suitable way at present is transfer printing.

    The transfer method is to print creative patterns on the transfer film, and then pour hot chocolate on the transfer film. After the chocolate cools, the original pattern will be transferred to the chocolate to complete the chocolate surface pattern decoration.

How to Make Edible Photo Chocolate Lollipops, Edible Image - SinoJoinsun

Why choose edible transfer film?

The edible transfer film is the production and processing of edible raw materials such as sugar and water to uniformly adhere to the food contact grade PET base film. The edible ink is used to print color patterns, which is safe and healthy. It is mainly used for hot chocolate transfer. Add colorful and creative patterns to the chocolate and increase the added value of the product.

Widely used in the fields of chocolate lollipops, meringues, chocolate cubes, cake decoration chocolate chips and other fields. It is a key material for chocolate printing and painting. Customers from lollipop manufacturers/candy manufacturers/children’s candy factories/candy wholesale sales/candy OEM companies/chocolate food factories are welcome to order and support pattern customization.

The advantage of this method is that there is no need to open molds, no molds, save production preparation time, and are not restricted by monochromatic blocks, and complex background patterns can also be transferred in high-definition, which can meet the customized needs of high-end customers and truly realize customized drawings. , Rapid production.

How to transfer chocolate lollipops?

step one:    

Print the customer's pattern through a food printer.

Note: ①Pattern printing setting: normal paper-HD mode; ②If there is text, it needs to be mirrored and printed

edible image chocolate printing

Step two:

Pour chocolate on the candy mold.

Note: ①Environmental temperature requirements: indoor use environment ≤25℃; ②Melting state of hot chocolate, the temperature is not lower than 45℃;

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Step three:

After the chocolate has cooled, the transfer can be successful.

Note: In summer, if the ambient temperature is too high, the chocolate will cure slowly. Putting it in a low temperature environment (refrigerator, etc.) will help to shape quickly and ensure the transfer effect.

edible photo chocolate lollipops - sinojoinsun

Storage conditions for chocolate transfer film: ① Seal the transfer film before and after use, and store it in a dark and low temperature place; ② Avoid violent collisions to avoid damage to the surface of the transfer film.

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