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How automatic capsule filling machines come up the advantage in competition?

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With domestic economic development, people living standards improve, an ever-growing demand for health, promoted the rapid development fields related to the pharmaceutical industry.It also led to a great extent the development of the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry, the rapid development of the automatic capsule filling machine is, market demand rapid growth of the pharmaceutical equipment automation.

Automatic capsule filling machine compared with the traditional capsule filling equipment, the efficiency of filling, filling accuracy of better performance, thus has higher practicability and economy, is the pharmaceutical industry has been widely applied drugs and filling equipment.NJP8500 AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE
NJP8500 automatic capsule filing machine
Compared with the traditional equipment, automatic capsule filling machine has realized the integration of machine, electricity, gas, microcomputer PLC, touch panel operation, frequency control, equipped with electronic automatic counting device, filling dose accurately, can automatically complete capsule in place, separating, filling, locking, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of production, conform to the requirements of the current new drug GMP pharmaceutical and health, and was welcomed by the pharmaceutical companies.
Concerned expert points out, automatic capsule filling machine more in line with the current demand, domestic production of the pharmaceutical industry under the new pharmaceutical production quality standard system to better promote the improvement of pharmaceutical production quality, to ensure the accuracy and safety of the drug, the market prospect is very broad.Automatic capsule filling machines made in China and now in terms of technical level, product quality also as compared with the imported equipment, at the same time is far lower than the price of imported equipment, automatic capsule filling machines made in China is more brings an advantage position in market competition.
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of pharmaceutical field, the whole medicine industry also began to face higher standard, capsule filling machine is also so, the future market demand for a high degree of automation of the pharmaceutical equipment, will further expand domestic automatic capsule filling equipment should grasp the opportunity to actively seek a more long-term development



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