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Have You Ever Seen Print Photos on Your Coffee?

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When it comes to printing, we usually think of printing documents, contracts and the like. Some time ago, printing photos was very popular, but now many food and beverage companies have also used the printing technology wisely.

This coffee shop has a new method, by the printer on the coffee latte.Coffee latte art is delicate and elegant, but difficult.But using a coffee printer makes it easy to conjure up a desired image without training.The machine is very simple to operate and makes a cup of steaming coffee.Open the software, select the image, and click print.Coffee printer and mobile APP work together.Coffee lovers select the desired pattern or text on the mobile APP.You can also edit and beautify pictures according to your own preferences, plus the words you want to write and so on.Mobile phone operation is completed, less than 10 seconds, latte will be completed.So how does a coffee printer work?Make your own difficulties?In fact, it is not difficult at all. Coffee printing is just a small innovation or modification of the printer, without any technological changes.

An ordinary inkjet printer can print on food by filling it with edible ink, while a coffee printer can transform the print head into a shape suitable for latte art.There are also a variety of printed ingredients.So here's the question:

This kind of printed ingredients, will not be very expensive ah?

Lahua please not clear?

Is the printing speed fast?

Is it healthy to print?

The warranty?

All is not a problem, still send a bottle to print ingredient, can hit nearly 1000 cups.Compared with ordinary coffee, the material cost of about 10 cents per cup is negligible.Perhaps, life and work, to a cup of portrait coffee, will bring some unique fun to people.



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