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Filmcare® Edible Packaging Could Replace the Packaging of Carcinogen “PFAS”PFAS, Found in Some Fast Food Chains Such as McDonald's

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PFAS, known in Chinese as perfluorinated and polyfluorinated compounds, are synthetic chemicals found in many products, including clothing, carpets, furniture and food packaging, according to the report.Pfas-treated paper food packaging and packaging materials can contaminate food that comes in contact with them and end up in the body.As food packaging ends up in landfills or city compost, PFAS chemicals extracted from discarded bowls, wrappers or bags are returned to people through drinking water, food and air.

This substance is not only harmful to human health, but also can cause circulatory damage once used. It is not only the food packaging material is wrong, but also the ink on the packaging is not a worry.

Traces of isopropylthionone (ITX) were found in different drinks in Germany last year.This residue involves photoinitiators used in UV curable inks.A small amount of ITX is transferred to the back of the unprinted sheet by ink adhesion when the print is wound, which also enters into the food as the packaging is made and loaded.In 2005 nestle recalled a large number of products after finding the same problem in milk.

The issue of food safety is of great concern to the public, policy and authorities.If you want to keep your foot in the door when it comes to food packaging, here are some tips:

Keyihua edible ink for printing, all ingredients are edible, can be directly or indirectly used on the surface of food, no health hazards, completely biodegradable, no environmental pollution.Compared to the toxic and harmful industrial ink is more suitable for the food packaging industry.To meet the different printing needs of customers such as screen printing and pad printing.Widely used in paper cups, paper bowls, tray paper, food wrapping paper, packaging cartons and other articles directly in contact with food surface printing.



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