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Edible Image Printing Solutions of Candy | Confectionery | Chocolate

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        Most people like candy. And its flavour is the "signboard" of a brand or a shop. But the confectionery industry is highly competitive. The young people is the major consumer groups. Nowaday young people generally pursue their own fashion and personality. So it is better that the candy has beautiful and creative appearance. They all know: "you get what you pay for". So they are willing and happy to pay the things that they think it is worthy.

       A beautiful image or interesting text on candies are very attractive. The confectioner's customized decoration is creative but not suitable for produce largly. 

       Now, the edible candy printing technology is mature. SinoJoinsun™ candy printer series will meet different requirements of candy DIY edible printing decoration.

  • Photo Lollipops: 

photo lollipop - sinojoinsun edible ink printing

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  • Photo Chocolate Lollipops: 

sinojoinsun chocolate transfer sheet_1

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  • Photo marshmallow: 

edible ink printing marshmallow - sinojoinsun

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  • Photo candy tablet/gum ball : 

candy edible ink printing - sinojoinsun  candy ball printer, gum ball printer_ sinojoinsun

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