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Do You Know What the Real Edible Ink Is?

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edible ink

Edible ink is an ink that can be eaten in the human body along with food and medicine. It is also commonly used for surface printing on food, medicine or Edible packaging materials. Edible ink because of its edible and printable characteristics, different from traditional ink.

With the increasing awareness of health and safety, people have higher requirements for food and drug safety. In view of the general use of the market food packaging printing ink (mainly non-volatile organic compounds (VOC) environmental ink) itself is not edible, not directly printed on the surface of food or medicine, thus limiting the scope of use of food packaging printing ink. Edible ink emerges at the right moment under this circumstance, which is the objective requirement of food and medicine under the new situation, and the need of consumers to pursue personalized products. In addition to the efficient decoration and beautification of products, edible ink can also replace the current packaging and printing of food and medicine, so as to ensure the safety and hygiene of the above products.

Edible ink, although the principle of composition and traditional ink is basically the same, is also composed of color, binder, solvent, but each of its components must be edible, different from traditional ink. In addition, edible ink production process must also meet the relevant requirements of food production.

(1) color. The color material provides the color and so on which printing needs. Edible ink used in the pigment are a variety of food coloring. In order to ensure food safety, the production process must also meet the relevant standards and dosage requirements.

(2) connection material. The connecting material is the carrier of the color material. Edible ink used in connection with the general selection of a variety of edible natural colloid.

(3) solvent. Solvent from the sticky, dry speed, dissolution of the connection material, such as dispersion of color. Edible ink solvent used for water, ethanol, glycerol, etc.


In the food field, edible ink can be used for food surface decoration. Edible ink has been used in apple, mango, egg, chocolate beans, candy, cakes, drinks, biscuits, chips and other products. As consumers pay more and more attention to the appearance and creativity of food, such as gift apples printed with greetings, hand-painted candy cookies, drinks with customized patterns, cakes and so on, the realization of these ideas requires edible ink to ensure food safety.

In the field of medicine, edible ink can be used for all kinds of tablets, capsules and medicine bags printed LOGO and publicity information, not only to ensure the safety of the product, but also to increase the recognition of the product.



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