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Customized Wedding Foods Make Weddings More Impressive

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    wedding customized apple printed with edible ink, fruit printer; Sinojoinsun

    Wedding is a grand occasion, It is romantic and sacred. The family, guests and pastor witness the most important time in the couple's life. So many couples want to make their wedding impressive and special. And the related wedding products and gifts are also contant innovation. So do the food on weddings. 

      the wedding customized fruit printed love with sinojoinsun™ edible ink       Thanksgiving candies; Customized Wedding candies printed with Sinojoinsun™ edible ink and candy printer   

     There are many food can be printed wedding-themed patterns or sweet words. Such as, fruit, candies, cokkies, macaroons, cakes, lollipops, etc. Wedding can be decorated by those wedding customized food, which makes the wedding special and ceremoniously.

The wedding is a kind of promise between the couples. The special wedding food is a kind of a details of love. Sometimes, we can feel the love on such details. 

     Sinojoinsun™ supply edible ink, edible paper, icing sheet, candy printer, fruit printer, cake printer, etc. You may ask, if I were a manufacturer, could I print those food largely? Of course you can, because we have developed Online Food Inkjet Printing Machine.

             wedding cookie printed by Sinojoinsun edible ink_副本          Wedding cookies printed food grade edible ink; Sinojoinsun™ Food printer_副本

              Photo Printed wedding cake with Sinojoinsun™ icing sheet, edible paper, edible ink_副本_副本    wedding candies printed with Sinojoinsun™ edible ink, candy printer, food printer.

          online food printing machine-food print    online food printer-sinojoinsun-print with edible ink_副本     candy printer; Sinojoinsun



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