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Coffee latte art printer, can be called the latte art of black technology

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Coffee is an important drink for modern people.Whether it is leisure, entertainment, or relieve fatigue, habits, hobbies, friends, etc.;Coffee plays an unequalled important role;At the same time, coffee is one of the world's three major beverages. A cup of coffee will present different sweetness, acidity and mellowness after the operation of the barista.But coffee latte art can enhance the height of appearance level for coffee.

The game world coffee spent each year in the United States, brought together from all over the world coffee garland, show all sorts of innovative design in the game and skilled skills, coffee garland is the players the necessary professional coffee technology, each one of the countries on behalf of the players, will be in the process of game cappuccino project, show their superb skill garland, thus, the care about the importance of the coffee industry and professional coffee spent.

However, no matter how good a barista is, he or she cannot present complex pictures and photos on the foam of coffee. Even if he or she can, it will take a lot of time. At that time, coffee may have gone stale, and the high cost of time will also result in high labor cost.The existing yingmei latte art printer can print all kinds of patterns on the coffee milk foam to achieve intelligent latte art.

Coffee ready scented freshly brewed coffee, then pour it in play good milk foam, then coffee cup is placed on a beautiful garland printer at, through reflected the garland elves small program editor want to print pictures, then edit good pictures uploaded to garland printer, press the start key garland printer can print spent on coffee milk foam;The whole process takes only three seconds.In addition, the patterns are clear and accurate, and all kinds of complex patterns can be printed. Compared with manual latte art, the coffee latte art printer is time-saving and labor-saving, and it can also print high-quality latte art at any time, which can not only save a lot of labor costs for the merchants, but also ensure the quality of the products, thus improving store sales.,

When a waiter offers a cup of coffee with warm words such as' good morning ', 'I love you' and 'happy birthday' printed on it, the guests will be surprised and enjoy their coffee happily.They will even take photos and upload them to their circle of friends or social circle to share their happy mood about this matter. For merchants, this matter is the most accurate free promotion, which can bring a lot of accurate traffic.

The milk foam on the coffee is like a piece of white paper. By combining inkjet printing and 3D printing technology, the dream of 'painting' on the coffee is realized.The materials printed on the coffee by the imola printer are all natural coffee extracts, which are mixed with high-quality coffee beans. The printed patterns are not only accurate and beautiful, but also absolutely safe and reliable.

If there is a coffee shop, hotel or restaurant that USES this printer, I will go there right away.



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