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CBBE2019, Looking Forward to Moving Forward with You in April!

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In April, let's meet at the 16th China International Baking Exhibition in 2019(CBBE 2019) to explore the creativity of bread, desserts and pastries.


The exhibition information of our company:

Time: April 17-19, 2019

Setting: bakery 4

Area: 18 square meters

Booth number: 9D05


Sponsored by China food industry association, China international trade promotion association food industry branch, China Baking food association and Beijing trade international exhibition co., LTD., the 16th Baking China in 2019 will be held in Beijing national exhibition center from April 17th to 19th, 2019.As a professional baking exhibition in China, CBBE has developed into one of the largest professional baking exhibitions in China and one of the well-known international events in the global baking industry after 15 years of development.


What benefits will attending this exhibition in Beijing bring to you?

1.Face to face communication with overseas baking products, technical equipment purchasers and manufacturers;

2.Set up the company's brand image, explore the domestic and foreign baking market;

3.Experience the successful sales model of baking through multiple channels;

4.Maintain and strengthen your sales network and new and old customers;

5.Listen to overseas experts talk about foreign baking market trends, and communicate with them and the future development trend;

6.Face the end consumers, learn the market feedback information before the new product launch, and get the market dynamics as soon as possible



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