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Buyers Guide of Coffee Latte Art Printing Machines

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Latte art is an artistic way of expressing oneself while impressing guests and is also a way of making a latte or some other drinks more interesting.

How to choose the best and suitable coffee printer for making latte art? Please check out the follow guide.

1. Appearance design

The style of the cafe shows its taste. People love to drink a cup of coffee in beautiful or interesting cafe. So not only the tableware is clean and nice, so do the coffee printing machine. The aesthetic is the first thing people notice when they find an interesting set of equipment. The appearance of Foodart® coffee printer is fluent and stylish.


2. Machine construction

However, in addition to the stylish appearance design, we also recommend checking the overall construction. Is it sturdy and of a durable build? Is the frame durable without being fragile?

3. Machine size

The machine size you also need to concern about. Why? Printers have delicate parts inside, and you don’t want to move it from one place to another frequently. Therefore, Evaluate and check where you would want to put the latte art machine. Some coffee printers may occupy a huge space.

Another thing to consider is if you’re placing the latte printer under a shelf or a hanging cupboard. Check its measurement as some coffee printer may have extended heights due to its built-in tablet sitting atop.

4. Warranty

You may also want to ask the seller about the warranty. A warranty gives you the confidence that your purchasing item is of good quality.

5. Food safety

The food safety is the most essential point. If the edible ink is not safe, If the ink is not safe, even if your machine is looking good and no matter how good the service is, it will be in vain. If you are to drink coffee with a printed art on top, you would think twice, especially when you know it’s ink. So you need to check if the coffee printer’s ink is certified food-grade by the US FDA and other certificates. Foodart® Coffee printer adopts the edible ink from Chinese famous and professional edible ink manufacture -- Wuhan Keyihua S&T Co, Ltd. The edible ink meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and other international authority certifications.

6. High-efficiency

Whether you plan to use your latte art machine at home or business, you would want an efficient printer. A piece of ink cartridge of Foodart® coffee printer can print about 800-1000 cups of coffee.

However, you might also want to check the ink’s expiration date. Some ink cartridges only last for two months, and it would be a waste if you will not reach its maximum printing capacity.

Try to look for food-grade ink cartridges that last up to six months. It will be long enough before it expires, and if you have a coffee shop, you could probably print 1000 or more cups before reaching the best-by date.

7. Application

Is the printer capable of printing on other beverages and food items? Before making a purchase, see to it that it can print not just on coffee but on beer, chocolate drinks, milk, cakes, bread, muffins, macarons, and other food and beverages.

8. Printing Speed

Efficiency is excellent when your latte art machine is intended for business. Still, printing speed is as essential as well, especially in high-volume coffee shops.

You would want to use a coffee art printer with fast printing speed for a busy coffee shop. Typically, a coffee printer prints in just about 10 to 30 seconds per cup.

9. Easy operation

Sometimes the most common problem everyone encounters with coffee printing devices is the ease of operation. As much as possible, you would want something easy to operate, hassle-free.

Of course, using a laptop, desktop computer, or a smartphone along with the coffee printer is not much of a trouble. But how would you like a standalone latte art machine?

Isn’t it more convenient? Therefore, if you can find a coffee printer with a built-in touchscreen interface and App, then you’ve got a better deal.

With a built-in interface and app, you can already edit images for customized printing without the need for other devices.

10. Connectivity method

For connectivity, pick a latte printer that has various options. It is better to find a coffee printer with many connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, QR code scanning, and high-speed USB connection.



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