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A Printer That Can Print Food Surfaces

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     More and more products are pursuing personalized and private customization, such as: t-shirts, mobile phone cases, insoles, all kinds of handicrafts, metal dial, etc., of course, also think in food biscuits, chocolate color printing pictures, printing custom text.

In general, the previous customization is directly engraved on the cookie mold. However, due to the irregularity of cookie molding, the words on the cookie mold will not be printed comprehensively, thus losing the meaning of expression.Moreover, the font printed can only be the same color as the cookies. There is no color sense, and the LOGO color icon cannot be printed. Other customization costs are even higher, so we need to customize such a product mold.

We use edible ink to print the full color LOGO. You don't need to worry about the inedibility of the printed products. If you are worried about the safety, you can choose other edible inks.

Sinojoinsun food biscuit printer?Chocolate custom painting machine, not just launched a new machine, but a sophisticated machine, there have been many print food cookies customers purchase and use is very good, the machine sold at home and abroad, the machine sold to foreign countries every year very much, you don't know this machine before, may be you don't have a opportunity to think of it.

Food biscuit printing machine?Printing process of colorful LOGO on cookies:

1. Use boyichuang biscuit printing machine to prepare biscuits that need to be printed and prepare customized text and pictures

2: put biscuits on the production platform of the machine {multiple products can be placed at one time}

3: print the text and pictures that need to be printed through the computer

4: the printing is completed, the cookies are printed and ready for shipment.

How does the cookie printer print?

-- the highest printing accuracy of this machine is 5760*1440dpi, which achieves the printing effect of high-quality photos. Many customers of wedding photography studio use this machine to print photos.

What other materials can a biscuit printer print besides biscuits?

Apart from biscuits, the biscuit printer can also print coated paper cake macarons and various craft gifts, such as mobile phone cases, lighters, key rings, advertising pens and clothes worn by promoters.



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