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5 Reasons You Should Own the High-Speed Industrial Food Printer

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5 reasons to choose High-speed industrial food printer

The customized and personalized products are more popular, especially among young people. The traditional food market has been saturated, so many food manufacturers want to find a new way to stimulate their development and make customized products to stand out.

The edible food printing solution is just such a good way.

High-speed Industrial Food Printer (Foodprinting®) is a machine designed for food industrial manufacturer. It have many imcomparable advantages over most of edible food printers on the market, for manufacturers.


As well known, time is money for manufacturer. The max print speed of this machine can reach 75m/min, that will totally meet the production requirement for manufacturer.

Print resolution

The edible image is also important. If the print resolution is low, the choice of image will be extremly limited. So a food printer with High print resolution is more beneficial for long-term development. That is to say, you can not only print simple letters and company logo, but also the lovely colorful edible images on food. The max print resolution is 900*300dpi (30m/min)

Easy Installation and operation

The easy installation and operation is very helpful for manufacturer. The installation process of High-speed Industrial Food Printer is easy and limitless, and it can adapt greatly to kinds of food production line. And the machine also can be customized to adapt to little special food production line. 

The operation of this machine is simple. Workers just need to send designs to computer and set the data, such as speed, images, amount, etc., according to the prompts on computer operation panel, then turn on the switch. The machine will go work. 

There are some advantages: 

· variable printing; 

· low temperature ink storage;

· Automatic cleaning;

· Ink returning.

These functions can greatly decrease the workers faulty operation. It is a real intelligent industrial food printer.

Multifunctionly and Practicality

For the High-speed Industrial Food Printer, the options of food is limitless, Because the printer head height is adjust, and the print width is 54-108mm. As long as your food surface is slightly flat and able to absorb edible ink, you can print edible image on it. It widely used to print cookie, ice cream, macaron, pastry, candy and so on.

Food Safety

As a food printer, the food safety is very important. If the part of machine that touches food is not food grade, the food will be contaminated. Food Printing® High-speed Industrial Food Printer adopts the food contact grade materials for print head and edible ink system.

That fully guarantee the food safety.

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