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5 Reasons You Should Own the A3+ Desktop Food Printer

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5 advantages of flatbed desktop food printer A3 plus

Edible ink printing is a new market and popular nowadays. Because the health and safty is very important in 21 century food industry, the application of edible ink is wider and wider. So how to choose a great food printer? and why is the Flatbed Food Printer A3+ so different? 

  • The speed and quantity of printing at a time. 


       The Flatbed Food Printer A3 Plus is 8 color ink tubes (double CMYK), so the printing speed is faster than normal flatbed food printer. And the printing effect will be guaranteed. If occasionally a color ink path is blocked will not affect the overall effect of printing.  The print area is A3 size. The food quantity of printing at a time is larger, and operation is simple and intelligent. The user experience of the printer is better.

  • The safty of edible ink. 

       That is very important in the food industry. The edible ink must be certified as food-grade. 

       The Inkcare® edible ink is food-grade, and can be directly printed on food surface to eat.


  • The Printing Effect

       The good printing effect is an important factor to identify the level of food printer. And it can also make people feel that the food is high-grade and the food decoration is exquisite. 

edible images comparison

  • The printing stability

       As well known, when you print everyday and maintain it well, the performance of printer is best. But not everyone need to print food every day. So the stability of printing and easy maintenance must be considered. The Flatbed Desktop Food Printer A3+ adopts the double CMYK printing mode (8 color ink tubes). So the printing effect will not be affected when a ink nozzle occasionally blocked occasionally. And the cleaning of nozzle is automatic by computer, which the maintenance is simple.

A3 plus is more stable

  • If the operation is easy

Time is money. The simple operation will help you save time. The Flatbed Desktop Food Printer A3 Plus is an intelligent printer. The printing height is automatically adjusted. And you just press simple steps on the touch screen operation panel. And if you don't know how to solve problems, don't worry, the after-sale service is very well.

A3 plus details_1

Those are the five important factors to choose a good and suitable food printer for you. I believe you will get the perfect printer following the rules. 

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