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You Can Printing Funny Cube Sugar Like This...

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printing cube sugar

You Can Printing Funny Cube Sugar Like This...

    That is poker cards and US dollars? No. it isn't. That is cube sugar but printed specially and interestingly. I think it must catch the children's eyes when it shown on the store. Printing candy have many ways. Some candy directly printed pattern or logo with edible ink, and some candy is with the help of edible paper. what kinds of candy is suitable for directly printing and what is suitable for helping of edible paper? 

    Generally speaking, if your candy is relatively large, it is suitable for helping of edible paper. For example, many lollipop are made in this way. And the cube sugars in the picture above also be used edible paper. If your candy is relatively small, it is suitable for directly printing with edible ink. For example, chocolate bean, gum, gum ball, small fruit candy and so on. I will specifically write an article about it in the next. :-)

    Of course, Printing candy is not sameness. It is depended on size, shape, degree of hardness, color and so on. That is to say, you need to choose a kind of machine, edible ink or edible paper, which is most suitable for you. If you don't know how to choose, please feel free to contact us. :-) We can help you to choose the best printing solution, according to your products' the material, some ingredients, texture, color,  shape, and etc. 

Our edible paper is new product, which can avoid the shortages of Wafer paper and icing sheets on common market. It is tough, easy to print, hard to solvent sugar and not melting with sugar. 




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