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"You Are the Apple of My Eye"

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    The annual Dalentine's Day is coming, so I want to write about romance.

    On valentine's day, I believe lovers all over the world are looking forward to having fun with their partners and receiving gifts from them. Of course, gift is just a way, touching and romantic is the gift giver in order to make themselves happy, take care to prepare that love.

    If you are a person who likes making surprises, do you think the traditional roses, chocolates and greeting CARDS can no longer represent your heart? Do you want to be creative but romantic?

    If you're a fruit store owner, do you want to do something different on valentine's day to boost your fruit sales? I think this printed, special apple could be a good idea.

    In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, in order to reduce the earth's pollution, some industries are upgrading. In the food industry, edible ink is an example. Traditional ink cannot touch food, in order to prevent contamination of food, can only be printed on the outside of the food packaging. Edible ink is safe to eat, so this year to be used to decorate a variety of food, has become a magic weapon to promote sales of major businesses.

    The apple, which has been printed with a message of blessing or an interesting design, has gradually appeared in shopping malls and fruit stores. People familiar with the matter said that although the apples are more expensive than regular ones, the interesting ones sell well, especially during holidays.

If on valentine's day, you give her such printed "I love you" apple, and then say to her "you are my apple of the eye", is not very romantic, very touching? The message is good and your heart is good. Because in the lover's eyes, you are special, so I hope the gift to you is also special. 

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