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Wide Format Food Printer FP-B0+ | Larger and Faster Edible Ink Printer

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wide format flatbed food printer, sinojoinsun

Large format printing area:

The Wide Format Flatbed Food Printer FP-B0+ is a new model developed by our company to adapt to the production environment of baking trays, manual tables, tunnel furnaces, etc. This is also the flatebed food printer with the biggest print area in worldwide market now. The printing area reaches 1.5*1.1m, which is equivalent to 5 A2 size format. In addition, the print area and tray can be customized.  It is equipped with a high-speed food printer system to realize industrialization, automatic batch printing, and obtain baked food production. Unanimous praise from enterprises. 

wide format food printer FP-B0+

The print machine have some advantages:

1. It can Largely print beautiful different edible image on food for decoration at one time, which is more efficient and than manual DIY working;

2. It is very convenient that place food with traies onto the machine's printing plate and directly print at one time;

3. Daily food printing output can reach 10,000-60,000pcs/day;

4. Easy operation and durability

applications of wide format food printer FP-B0+

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