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Why Does the Food Manufacturers Should Consider the Edible Image Food Decorating?

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Brand, product and marketing:

    For a company, the brand, product and marketing are three important elements. They are not totally separated and permeate each other usually. If you don't build a brand, you have no strength; The products are fundamental, and without products, there will be no core competitiveness, which can only accelerate the speed of being eliminated; if you don't market, there will be no younger customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of food producers with different scale:

    For large food producers, the advantage is high batch efficiency, and the disadvantage is homogenized product competition, lack of individuality and creativity, and relatively low profit. 

    For small and medium-sized creative food stores, the advantage is that the products have individual styles, the products are not easy to be replaced, the profits are high, and the customer stickiness is strong. However, the disadvantage is that the products cannot be mass-produced, and the level of manual manipulation is highly dependent. But large food manufacturers and small/medium-sized creative food stores are looking for transformation, learning from each other now.

food edible ink decoration comparation

    With the techonology development, in order to realize the automation, industrialized mass production and sales of customized creative foods. We have developed high-speed food printers, and provide matching natural ingredient inks for ice products, which are safe and healthy. At present, many companies have successfully launched DIY ice products, which have been well received by customers.

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