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What Are the Highlights of This Sinojoinsun's Live Broadcast on Alibaba?

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Good news! SinoJoinsun team will hold live webcasts about edible printing products. What are the highlights of this live webcasts? Why we can't miss it?

In this live webcasts, we will release the latest edible printing products that contains new model of food printing machine and food-grade consumables. These products will give consumers a more convenient serivice experience. Especially, our A2 flatbed food printer will be more suitable for food creativity company and small food factory to custom creative food.

We also introduce the system solutions for different food products. For example, the printing solutions of cookie, cake, ice cream, pastry, and candy. Different food industry practitioner will have different requirement for edible printing. So the solution will introduce the fixed choice for large food factory, chain of bakery cafes, supermarket, private bakery, creative food company and so on.

It is well believed by us that good products can be marketed by themselve. So we will show you the comparison process between our product and other brand product. You will know what's the advantages and which is your choice. 

Ok, Let's look forward to watch the live webcasts, I can't wait to see. I warmly welcome you to focus on our live streaming room. I hope you will get a good idea or spark from our webcast for your business.


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