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The Development of Edible Ink

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edible ink

    Edible ink has been emerging in foreign countries, many research institutions and strong companies have launched their own more mature ink formula and application equipment, and in many consumer goods companies have been successfully applied. Japan's toyo ink company developed edible ink more mature in the market has been put into use; Procter & gamble printed its own edible ink on the surface of its pringles potato chips, achieving good market effect. The melinfc and apollojetxpress4/256fg food imaging system launched by spectra inc. in the United States USES edible ink for digital printing on the surface of food with bright colors and high performance. In addition, Japanese printer manufacturer mastarma inder has recently successfully developed an edible ink printer that USES edible ink to print directly on food surfaces. Edible inks in domestic research reports less.

    For edible products, including food, medicine and edible packaging materials such as try to print on the surface is a new concept, is also a new and attractive market opportunity, for example, such as cookies, candy, chocolate, food surface printed on some exquisite design, is bound to increase people especially children's appeal for this kind of food, edible ink print and in food packaging can greatly reduce the pollution of the traditional ink for food. But less edible ink application on the market at present, mainly in drug surface of printing, and drab, simple image, the main reason is because now the edible ink technique is not mature, also believe that with the deepening of the edible ink research, technology development, it will be applied to a wider range of areas, people will be about the present situation of edible ink application field and development prospect is expounded and the main part has carried on the detailed introduction, edible pigment ink environmental protection connection material more and more access to the edible ink printing products.



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