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Starry Sky Lollipop- Printing Your Dreamland on Candy

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    Once upon a time, when we were children, we dreamed that we would one day go into the universe, to soar in the vast sky, to see the ethereal constellation nebula, to see the pure space that could not be seen on the earth. As we grow older, the dreams of most of us as children are gradually covered with a layer of gray, with the experience and reality. But our curiosity and curiosity about space has not gone away, and there are always some people who stick to their dreams to continue to explore the mysteries of space.

starry sky loliipop

    Scientists continue to use their knowledge to explore space; Directors use their own shooting methods to dream of space into the film; Painters use their inseparable brushes and paints to paint their own images of space. There are also businesses will put their own products on the stars of the picture packaging.

Star lollipop, children are attracted not only by the bright color and sweet taste, but also that they dream of the pure place, that they yearn for the mysterious place.

starry lollipop3

 starry sky lollipop2


    Printing star lollipop adopts edible ink and edible film developed by SINOJOINSUN™. The Ink has a patent certificate, and has passed the SGS, FDA international certification, safe edible, in the domestic and foreign best-selling for more than 10 years, widely by the major food industry manufacturers at home and abroad. Its edible film, compared with ordinary traditional glutinous rice paper, the picture lines and colors are clearer, the visual effect is more realistic, the printing effect is better.

starry lollipop4_副本



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