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Solution of Producing Edible Image Chocolate | Photo Chocolate

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edible image butterfly chocolate, produce largely edible image chocolate


Chocolate is the most popular type of candy. It can be found in all kinds of snacks and pastries. As a traditional food, it has developed for many years, and if a chocolate product wants to stand out in the market, it is no longer enough to rely on the shape and taste. So creative edible decorations for chocolate is greatly promising idea. The traditional edible decorations are drawn by manual. Traditional manual DIY chocolate cannot be produced fastly, nor can it produce precise images. Is there a solution of largely producing creative chocolates with edible decorations?

Yes, there is. Mass production of creative chocolates is no longer a dream. It can be realized by food printer, edible ink and Chocoprint coating agent.

print edible image on chocolate; butterfly chocoalte

solution of edible printing chocolate



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