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Sinojoinsun Impressively Performed at AllFoodEXPO 2019

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Sinojoinsun show on food expo

        Sinojoinsun Team shown on AllFood EXPO (Ningbo) 2019. Our creative food and professional Food printng products attracted many people's attention. A lot of people were interested in our products and asked to proofing test on the spot. The printing effect is good and many visiters were satisfied with our products and will to build long-term cooperation with us. 

        Food creation also can be simple when you use proper tools. Nice and healthy food greatly raises consumers' attention and lust for purchase. We can give customers a series of food printing solution. 

Sinojoinsun AllFoodEXPO

sinojoinsun A4 Desktop Food Printer

sinojoinsun coffee printer shown on food expo

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