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Printing Apple Makes Struggling County "Counter Attack"

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“The apples here are beautiful and taste good. It is really hot sale”A fruit farmers from Jingning County, China, chats about their own "special apple" with praise. While he telling about the experience of planting, while picking apples for the reporter to taste. 

special apple_副本

Due to the drought and the lack of agricultural technology, Jingning County once become one of the most important counties for national poverty alleviation and development and the poorest areas in Liupanshan Area. Jingning County has a total population of 487,800 people, of which the rural population of 449,000 people, accounting for more than 90%, but in recent years the rapid development of the printing apple industry let the villagers "taste a lot of sweet." "My family has 8 acres of land to grow apples. After a year, our net income can reach 70, 80 thousand yuan, the family just bought a car." The farmer talks about planting his own apples.

special printing apple

In recent years, Jingning County has been designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, as one of the national leading apple production areas. After the continuous development of fruit industry for more than 30 years, the total area of orchards reached 1012,000 acres, Jingning County is the largest of country  apple cultivation county. The total output of fruit reached 680,000 tons and the output value reached 2.5 billion RMB. 

printed apples

From the outside, the color of Jingning county apple's skin is a little "matte sense", and it is not bright attractive, but the taste is very crisp. Reporters found that some of the apples were printed with "Merry Christmas", "forever", "Safe and happy" and other words. Fruit farmers say there is a little "business knack" hidden here. "apples printed with great greeting can be sold higher price.

This is the magic printed apple. You can print apples by using a fruit printing machine, and printing edible ink, which is food grade and safe to humanbody, and qualitied FDA standard. You can print great greeting, logo or funny pattern on apple surface. And that will attrack people's attention.



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