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Orion Choco Pie (China) Also Choose Print Edible Character | Image on Chocolate Pie

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        In order to welcome the brand new 2021, Orion has prepared a surprise by printing extensive and profound Chinese characters on the Orion·Pai, such as "good", "ok" and "can". They also set different New Year's wishes on the packaging of each pie, such as: "Will you become rich in 2021?""And "2021 will true love come?" "And" Will the year-end bonus double in 2021?" Wait for a problem.

chocolate pie print edible image or edible character on pie - sinojoinsun brand_

The event triggered many netizens to participate and punch in. Many netizens said that while they were pleasantly surprised, they also felt that Orion was very heartwarming. Many netizens believe that the same is brand localization. Compared with the practices of many other brands, it can be more felt that Orion is close to Chinese consumers and Chinese culture.

From the analysis data on the popularity of the Orion brand, it can also be seen intuitively that after Orion announced the product update on December 31, 2020, the social media popularity and interactive volume of its brand have both peaked.


Orion also adopts the edible image printing to make funny snacks to cater to people's new year wished and entertainment.

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