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New Trends in Candy Decoration-Candy Printing

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sinojoinsun edible ink printing candy   

      Food printing industry has quietly entered people's life, and the rapid development of the past two years, has become a new trend of food decoration industry. The candy industry is no exception.

      For the confectionery industry, the appearance is as important as the taste. The taste need constant upgrade, so does the candy appearance. 

      The edible image or edible logo makes candies more colorful and entertaining for people. And the edible photo candy is also popular on the luxury market in food industry.

 sinojoinsun candy ball printed with edible ink   sinojoinsun chocolate bean printed with edible ink 


Print edible image/emoji on candy ball                                   print edible image/emoji  on chocolate bean

sinojoinsun edible paper lollipop   starry lollipop sinojoinsun decorated with edible paper and food ink

                    Photo lollipop                                                                Galaxy lollipop/ starry sky lollipop

sinojoinsun square candy printed with edible ink_副本   sinojoinsun gum printed with edible ink


                              Print edible image/emoji on square candy                     Print edible logo on gum

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