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New Food Printing Machine to Fastly Print Food on Production Line

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    Do you want a machine which is able to print logo or icon on your food fastly, and even directly print on the food production line? If you are interested, maybe you can come to know some thing about our Online Food Inkjet Printing Machine.

With the development of economy and technology, food is not only a thing to satisfy people’s basic energy nowadays, its appearance is also very important. And sometimes you will have a good appetite when you face a beautiful pastry. After the invention of edible ink, The pastries, coffee latte, fruit surface, which printed kinds of lovely icon or picture is popular when it comes out. But that is not suitable for printing large quantity products.


Now there is a food printing machine that invented to print a large amount of food within short time. It is a new machine in food industry. It can be used in production of pastry, biscuit, cake, candy, ice cream and so on. It adopts edible ink that meets FDA and SGS standard, which is safe to human body. Its precision is able to reach 600dpi and its max speed is 75m/min. It supports single color/ multi-color modes to print. And the icon printed on food is clear and color-rich. It makes food to be very attractive and creative. It's automatically printing process controlled by PC, which is simple to operate. The machine is designed according to food industry standard, and directly embedded in cookie or cake production line. More info. (

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